Meet your coaches:

Achieving peak performance with world-renowned champions at the pinnacle of their game.

Sergio Moraes

Coach MMA & BRAZilian jiu jitsu

3-time world BJJ champion

national BJJ champion

5-time Saō Paulo BJJ champion

Finalist of the first TUF Brazil reality show

9-year UFC veteran

BJJ coach of Bahrain national team (2 years)

BJJ coach of Evolucao Thai team (7 years)

Enos Barbosa de Carvalho

coach crossfit and fitness

Crossfit titles:

Winner of dWOD vol. 1, 2 and 3

Winner of Wodjam

Winner of BW champions

Winner of Westgames CF

Winner of Wodvibe

Winner of Upgames 2021

National weightlifting champion

National powerlifting champion

Multiple state champion in weightlifting

Crossfit licences obtained

Crossfit coach level 1 and level 2

Crossfit judge course

Olympic weightlifting camp

Andre Roberto Rouberte

Coach Muay thai & kickboxing

Black belt in Kickboxing an BJJ

Veteran of 139 fights in Kickboxing

8-time World Kickboxing Champion

South American Kickboxing Champion

Pan American Champion in Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Intercontinental Kickboxing Champion

National Kickboxing Champion

Veteran of 36 amateur and 2 pro boxing fights

Multiple state Boxing Champion

Veteran of 9 fights in MMA

Shooto Brazil Champion

Free fight combat Champion

Coach of the Brazilian National Kickboxing team (8 years)

Athlete health coordinator (4 years)

Self-defense teacher of the military police of Rio de Janeiro state (3 years)

Sports shooting instructor